Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs

Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs



Gods Blessing Farm is the culmination of a dream shared by Rico and Angelia Silvera.

It was November 2010 when we established our farm which sits on 38 acres in Niota TN. Our family dream has grown and evolved and today operates as Gods Blessing Farm LLC.  At God’s Blessing Farm LLC we are focused on the effort to preserve a genetically sustainable herd of Meishan Pigs in North America. In addition Angelia offers barn to yarn fiber products  Angelia’s  icelandic sheep herd and fiber goats provide her with the natural raw materials for these amazing products. We also maintain dairy donkeys here on our farm.With the healing milk that she hand milks from our Jenny’s Angelia has developed an entire line of farm to face skin care which is marketed under the trademark “Latte d’Asina”. Literally translated “the milk of the donkey” these products are unique, rare and superior. Angelia has formulated these products herself  using her 11 years experience as a Tennessee licensed aesthetician. You can  explore her unique product offerings  by just clicking here

The Meishan is an amazing animal with an even more amazing story.Meishans are one of if not the oldest heritage breed of swine in the world. Docile and sedentary it is almost petlike. Its quiet nature means it has the lowest environmental impact on pastures of any breed of swine. Hyper productive  by nature (litters can exceed 20 on occasion) it has been the focus of swine research in the United States for almost 27 years until the last of the three original research hers were dispersed. Its medium size, reasonable growth rate and incredibly flavorful and tender meat make it the ideal swine breed for the small to medium size land holder or homesteader.   Today the Meishan breed is at a critical crossroad if it is to be preserved. We are proud to raise the most genetically diverse herd of  Meishan Pigs in the North America. These are registered Foundation Pure lines as recognized by the American Meishan Breeders Association.You can read of our journey to Meishan Hogs by clicking here. The preservation and promotion of this incredible breed of swine has become our passion and a central  focus of our farm.We invite you to contact us and learn more about the breed and the effort to preserve it.

Farm life also includes our passion for gaited horses and a broad assortment of poultry and waterfowl.

Our farm today is both a thriving family  farm and a family owned  business. We welcome you to the online gateway to our farm and hope your days are as blessed as ours have been.

Some of our pasture raised Meishans

Some of our pasture raised Meishans



Some of our happy and healthy Donkeys



Proud Life Member of the American Meishan Breeders Association