P1010534Gods Blessing Farm is the culmination of a dream shared by Rico and Angelia Silvera.
It was November 2010 when we were blessed to be able to buy 25 acres in Niota TN. In November 2013 we were able to add an additional 12 acres adjoining our property.????????????? This has been an incredible addition to help us grow and develop our homestead. Today it is a thriving small family subsistence farm utilizing our “G.R.G.H.” (Grow,Raise,Gather,Hunt) strategy . In this way we of now produce in excess of 90% of all of our foods and cooking oils. . agha-logoWe are also proud to offer a range of hand crafted and or home grown products produced here on our homestead. They include natural skin care products, fiber products and hand spun yarns from local fiber farms.
Cab And finally we are proud to breed and offer a range of homestead suitable , low input livestock and purpose bred animals. We welcome you to the online gateway to our farm and hope your days are as blessed as ours have been.