diy garden pest spray

If you’re looking for a DIY Garden Pest Spray that is super easy to make up and really works, then you found it!

I’ve been using this spray for years! Especially during the first years before my gardens had more of a balance and before I knew the best varieties to plant for my area. I still had the occasional flea beetle attack on young eggplant until I learned to just plant them in a raised bed… problem solved.

I still get some Japanese beetles, although not near as many unless I plant something they are attracted too… like this year I planted Cherokee golden wax beans for the first time and possibly the last because the beetles liked them just a bit to much. When I can plant dragon tongue or provider beans and they don’t touch them!

diy garden pest spray

Simply learning the best varieties for your area is golden for growing organic pest free gardens! 

And some years pest are worse than others so I always have this on hand!

DIY Garden Pest Spray

  • 1-quart warm water
  • 1 tsp of mild soap (I use a tiny chunk of unscented goat milk soap and let it melt in the water)
  • 1 oz Neem Oil
Shake Vigorously!! Will be cloudy. Pour into a spray bottle. Shake before each use. Spray foliage well. 
Thats IT! 
It will last several years if you don’t use it all the first year. Hope this helps if you are having any pest issues in your garden. Be on the look for the next article. I’ll be sharing a DIY Gardeners Scrub thats absolutely amazing if you sometimes garden without gloves… its just so good to feel the dirt some days!
Happy Gardening to everyone!!