Our Mission

For over 11 seasons God’s Blessing Farm LLC  in Niota Tennessee has been focused on the effort to preserve and find a purpose for different types of endangered and misunderstood livestock animals.    We are focused currently on the Meishan Pig and  Mini , Standard, and Mammoth Donkeys through educating and training their owners  Here at  Gods Blessing Farm we assembled the most genetically diverse herd of Meishan Pigs outside of China. We have also begun an ambitious web-based training program for donkey owners that now has an international following.

Preserving the Meishan Pig

The Gods Blessing Seed Herd has become the cornerstone of the effort to preserve these critically endangered animals. In May 2020 in collaboration with Meishan Preservation Inc the herd was moved to a dedicated breeding facility in Loganville Georgia. We are proud that so many farms across the nation have chosen to dedicate themselves to the preservation of the Meishan breed by drawing on our genetics. Conservation minded farmers in over 20 different states have selected our genetics as the basis for their breeding stock. Through their efforts and the efforts of our future partners Onc, the Meishan pig and its incredible genetics may be saved. Today over 95% of the living registered Meishan Pigs in the American Meishan Breeders Association pedigree database carry the Gods Blessing herd name on their pedigrees.

Why Donkeys?

Once a symbol of wealth and an animal of great utility today the donkey is probably the most misunderstood equine species in the world. Neglected, or relegated to livestock guardian duty, many donkeys suffer from the lack of knowledge of their owners.  We have dedicated our farm to revealing the potential of these incredible animals through education and training specifically for donkeys and their owners. Whether as a companion animal, working animal or riding mount the intelligence, stable personalities and hardiness of a donkey make it the right choice for many people. We invite you to look into the resources we offer if you currently own or are considering adding a donkey to your farm.

What is a Meishan Pig?

Meishans in China and at Gods Blessing farm    Meishan Pigs are amazing animals. Meishan Pigs are one of the oldest heritage breeds of swine in the world. They originate in the Taihu Region of China. Swine have been domesticated in this region for over 5000 years.Because Meishan Pigs are docile and sedentary they have one of the lowest environmental impacts on pastures of any breed of swine. Meishan Pigs are hyper-productive  by nature.  Litters can often exceed 20  Meishan piglets. This allows breeders to raise more piglets per breeding pair. Because of this costs to maintain breeding stock are lower.


In 1989 the USDA negotiated the importation of 99 Meishan Pigs from China..The Meishan Pig has been the focus of swine research in the United States for almost 27 years. Meishan pigs were isolated in three separate research facilities unavailable to the average homesteader or farmer for that entire period. Gods Blessing Farm was able to obtain the last research herds of Meishan Pigs from the USDA and the University of Illinois in 2016. As a result, these amazing pigs are now available for your farm.

The Future of The Meishan Pig

The future of the Meishan breed in North America now lies in the hands of independent breeders. At Gods Blessing Farm we believe the medium size, reasonable growth rate, prolificacy and incredibly flavorful and tender meat of the Meishan Pig make it the ideal swine breed for the small landholder.   We are proud to help raise and offer the most genetically diverse Meishan Pigs in North America. These are registered Foundation Pure lines as recognized by the American Meishan Breeders Association   These are documented as pure Meishans. You can read about our journey to Meishan Hogs by clicking here. If you would like to watch three short video presentations on this amazing breed click here.  If you have done your research and are looking to find whether we have registered Meishan Pigs for sale click here.  The preservation of this incredible breed of swine has become the central focus of our farm. We invite you to contact us and learn more about the breed and the effort to preserve it.

Meishan Pig Genetics Rescued
Click Here to Learn How we came to have the most genetically diverse herd of Meishan Pigs




Meishan Breeding Stock at Gods Blessing Farm
Rico Silvera






Meishan Breeder Angelia Silvera
Angelia Silvera








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