About our Farm

This land is home for our   Meishan pigs,Dairy Donkeys, Pilgrim and other breeds of Geese, Muscovy ducks, Silkie chickens, small standard guinea fowl, and quail! Our focus on Low Input Livestock allows us to make time for larger gardens, our farm business and time to enjoy the farm for the blessing it is.

We believe in an efficient use of all of our animals and we strive to utilize them responsibly.  In early 2016 through an incredible series of events we found ourselves with an opportunity to impact the future of an extremely rare breed of pigs in the US, Chinese Meishans. That journey has become a major focus of the farm.

You can read about how that all came about here

As Christians we believe that fully developing the potential of this gift and blessing is just one testimony we can offer to our Father.
We believe in Quality not Quantity for the gardens and the livestock we raise.Each animal or garden has a role on our farm and we hold them to a high standard in fulfilling these roles.

We have several gardens of beans, tomatoes,grain corn,sweet potatoes and much more. We strive to raise a four season garden.
Our vineyards and orchards have been planted and we look forward to their future harvests. We also wild craft on our land for native berries, nuts, herbs and mushrooms.

Today we utilize a “Grow,Raise,Gather,Hunt” philosophy to provide over 90% of all of our nutrition and cooking oils from our land. We are richly blessed. Each day is another step on this journey.

Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs

Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs