About our Farm

This land is home for our family. In 2010 after looking at over a hundred properties online and visiting almost two dozen we found our land.A 25 acre  foreclosure that was less than two weeks from being sold on the courthouse steps. It was overgrown and dilapidated. But the potential of this land with its multiple springs, hardwood forest ,and secluded location was perfect for what we were looking to build for our farm. Because this was just land and an old double wide trailer. Our journey has required a lot of toil and investment. Today we have added barns and sheds,two ponds, a spring house , a root cellar and almost two miles of fencing and cross fencing. And through incredible providence an additional 13 acres of adjoining land came to us in two separate purchase to make our home the 38 acre farm it is today.And each step defied logic or simple “good luck”. Truly a Blessing from the Lord and hence the name.

We have several progressed through many phases on our farm. Setting each phase as a challenge and a goal to achieve. Our journey has led us from the common to the rare  From raising  goats (meat and dairy), sheep (fiber,meat and dairy) , poultry and waterfowl of all kinds, to exploring the use of donkeys as dairy animals . At one point we raised or grew 90% of our food through harvesting our livestock and intensive gardening.  Today we seek a balanced life of farming, family and unique livestock. We believe in an efficient use of all of our animals and we strive to utilize them responsibly.  In early 2016 through an incredible series of events we found ourselves with an opportunity to impact the future of an extremely rare breed of pigs in the US, Chinese Meishans. That journey has become a major focus of the farm.

You can read about how that all came about here

As Christians we believe that fully developing the potential of this gift and blessing is just one testimony we can offer to our Father. So to the task placed in our path we have committed our efforts. But we also believe in taking the time to appreciate this land and enjoy the opportunities we have been Blessed with. So you may find us on any given day tending our Meishans, harvesting from our gardens and vineyards or riding our horses that we love.We are excited to announce that hopefully in 2018 Angies son Brian Lunsford  his lovely wife Kimiko and our grandson Jackson will be moving to our farm.If that happens it will be just one more Blessing of being here on Gods Blessing Farm


Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs

Rare Chinese Meishan Hogs