Pilgrim Geese (Rare Heritage Breed)

** Note: I no longer raise Pilgrim geese. They are excellent homestead animals and I still highly recommend them! I just decided I no longer wanted to breed poultry.

Geese, by far, of all the poultry we’ve raised are my favorite! They are a very under utilized livestock  here in America. There is no bird more hardy , no bird more efficient (if you have pasture grasses) and in my opinion no bird with a lower input.

They are one of the most useful animals to have on a farm. We’ve had geese here for 4 out of the now going into 7 years we’ve been buidling our farm.

They give a large amount of grass fed meat and depending on the breed they can give an excellent amount of seasonal eggs, which are the most wonderful eggs we’ve raised.

They also have the best tasting fat, amazing livers and if you care to go to the trouble to hand pluck the best down. Most poultry will eat some grasses but geese are the only true grazing poultry/waterfowl I know of. So if you have alot of grass they are a very economical choice!

I’ve raised several breeds and crosses but primarily we concentrate on breeding the wonderful , heritage Pilgrim geese and I have a small flock of Chinese geese I keep just for eggs. We offer goslings and hatching eggs from the Pilgrims and eating eggs from our flock of Chinese.

This page is focused on the wonderful heritage Pilgrim goose. I currently have 3 lines of Pilgrims. Inbreeding is a problem in alot of poultry and especially seems to be with geese.  Not only will you lose the prolific egg laying nature of some breeds and get weak goslings but with the pilgrim you can also lose the sex linked trait which makes them very beginner friendly and easier to manage. So do make sure you’re buying from a breeder that has multiple lines.

I did a blog post comparing the chinese to the pilgrim here….

The Pilgrim Goose

Pretty female pilgrim goose

Pretty female pilgrim goose


The white male watching while his girls pick at some remaining greens in the late fall

Pilgrim Geese

Pilgrim Geese