Feeding Meishan Pigs for Success

Feeding meishan Pigs for Success

 Feeding Meishan Pigs (and all heritage hogs) For Growth Here on the farm the most common questions we receive about the Meishan Pig breed are often related to feeding Meishan Pigs What do you feed your Meishan Pigs for the best growth rate? My answer might surprise you. Because I think its more important to talk … Read more

Meishan Pig Bloodlines-Truth or Fiction

Meishan Pigs all three bloodlines

  Meishan Pig Bloodlines  The concept of Meishan Pig bloodlines has been from time to time controversial.It has been the subject of many discussions.  I would like to directly address the subject of bloodlines. Our farm is the only farm to  have pure examples of all three of the recognized research herd bloodlines. The bloodlines … Read more