We have tried MANY methods to have a weed free garden over the last decade. In reality it wasn’t one tip that got us to our easier to maintain gardens but a combination of trial and error.

Now please know, when I say weed free garden I don’t mean 100% you will never see a weed but I mean weed free in the sense weeding regularly will become a thing of the past for you with our set up. There is so little do in our garden now I feel like I’ve forgotten something every time I work in the garden!

Also, our weed free garden journey is a process. My husband built this all himself but he didn’t build it over night! It took time.

All my gardening used to be in the ground and in containers We tried bordered beds, no till gardening and one year I even tried a straw bale garden which was an epic fail!

I’ve tried those cool tower gardens too and what a let down and waste of money that was! Raised beds were the way to go BUT which raised beds? I also wanted raised beds because as I get older bending down all the time was wearing on me bad!

So this is how it all started… the first step to our glorious raised bed garden system that has allowed me to save loads of time, no back strain and no weekly or even monthly weeding chores!

Othe advantages to our Weed Free Garden

Plus our production went through the roof! I never got yields as large from ground planting. So I have had to re-learn how many plants I need of something to have enough for us. I used to plant 6 cucumber plants to get enough but now I only need 1! Talk about space saving! I’m growing more, easier and in way less space.

More to come

My husband has made several videos I am in the process of posting to help you with your weed free garden. Gardening in Tennessee can be hard… but I promise it doesn’t have to be!

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