Why Meishan

Why Meishan:

Meishan pigs are an incredibly unique pig that up to now has not been fully utilized to its potential in the United States. The Meishan defies all classical descriptions of typical swine behavior. They are a true grazing hog. None of our Meishans are destructive to our pastures. They have the lowest environmental impact of any hog breed on pastures. Meishans do not test fences. Meishans do not harass or attack other livestock. Meishans can survive and thrive on a diet much higher in roughage. Adult Meishans do not squeal or scream.They are an incredibly sedentary pigs that sleeps most of the day.We often have to wake our Meishans up to feed them.While they do not grow as fast as commercial breeds their growth typically outpaces that of popular heritage breeds. We find that on adequate pasture with minimal supplemental feed our bloodlines can reach 200-250  lbs in 7.5 to 9.5 months. Their large litters and superior mothering capabilities also set them apart from popular heritage breeds. As important is the fact that when other breeds of hogs are crossed with Meishan hogs the offspring have shown (in study after study ) a tendency to demonstrate heterosis or hybrid vigor.That is the characteristics of the resultant offspring are superior to either of its parents. The hyper productivity of the hog and its documented superior mothering abilities means that farmers can maintain smaller less expensive breeding herds to get the same number of piglets to use or sell. A Meishan won the prestigious hog “nose to tail” COCHON 555 Denver 2016 chef competition .

Pure Meishan Ham Roast.Photo compliments of Jake Young

Pure Meishan Ham Roast.Photo compliments of Jake Young of Jakes Krazy Acres Farm IA.

Whether an efficient lard hog for the sustainable small holder homestead or as a component in a small to medium size craft pork operation the Meishan is a superior choice. Breeders wanting a docile hog for home use no longer have to settle for smaller breeds(with smaller cuts of meat) like AGH or Kune  Kune .The Meishan is simply a larger ,faster growing, more docile  and less destructive pig.

Other breeders wanting to take their meat operations to a truly profitable level can now add to their litter sizes,teat numbers,marbling ,flavor ,fat quality and in some cases improve growth rates by incorporating Meishans in their breeder herds.

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