Homesteading in Tennessee

We are here to help you get the most out of your Tennessee garden and land for livestock! The southeast is different! The natural resources and climate can be challenging to grow food in. That’s why we created the Gardening in Tennessee website.

No matter if you are growing tomatoes and grain corn or raising goats for all your protein needs, etc. There is a learning curve. Even for me, a native Tennesseean and 7th generation farmer, there were multitudes of challenges and figuring out what works and sadly what was epic fails!

We farm 100% organically here. The gardens are all raised with organic compost thanks to my donkey herd. I never spray my plants with pesticides or herbicides.

My goats and chickens are 100% chemical free and fed organic as well. Even my donkeys are chemical free to insure their compost will not harm my garden soil. I was told this would be impossible to accomplish in the humid TN climate.

The key is to plant the right plants and grow the right breeds for the climate, land and resources you have available.

Our experience with multiple breeds of livestock has helped us tremendously to determine what animals thrive here without tons of expensive and time-consuming input!

Growing large amounts of vegetable varieties and keeping journal notes every year for last 12 years has paid off as well.

We have spent the years of experimenting with the best most time saving ways to grow vegetables too. Weeds run wild here and can take over a garden after one rain storm. There are ways to make gardening in Tennessee easier, though!

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