Biodynamic Farming and Beyond

If you don’t know the definitions of biodynamic farming, regenerative farming and organic pls go to this page: 

Who We Are

We are passionate about Biodynamic Abundant Garden practices, Regenerative Solutions for Small Farms and Building a life that contains the beautiful concepts of the blue zones. 

As a couple, we have grown 100’s of garden plants and raised many kinds of livestock. Then we started getting the results we needed for our regenerative land projects and our personal health goals.

We share what works, what didn’t and why.

Along with NEW projects, as the farm is constantly growing and evolving to beyond organic standards. We like to refer to our farm as our “bubble” because our focus goals for it are unlike any other farm we know in the area.

Incorporating practices to enhance nutrients in our food sources, as well as truly building a lifestyle that encompasses the description of what a blue zone is.

It’s a lifestyle we really don’t want or need a vacation from.

A lifestyle where physical movement is part of everyday life and we have built enjoyable activities right here to help us relieve stress and encourage relaxation.

For more about us personally you can go here: About Us- Sustainable Farming

Why do we do this? Why this website?

Because we love the land, we feel blessed by our creator to share what we have learned. We want to help people who have farm dreams achieve them and get optimal health in the process. This requires more than just ‘growing food’. 

It’s a myth that if you just grow your own food you’ll be healthy. We learned the hard way, if you don’t feed your livestock and treat them holistically they will not give you healthy milk or nutrient dense eggs. Same with gardens. If you fertilize (feed) your gardens contaminated compost, your plants will suffer from lack of productivity and your food will contain those contaminants. 

Why are we building a BZB and Beyond Biodynamic Farming

We farm 100% organically here. The gardens are all raised with organic compost thanks to my donkey herd. I never spray my plants with pesticides or herbicides. We look to renew the land with natural resources so it stays healthy. Healthy land produces healthy foods. 

My goats and chickens are 100% chemical free and fed organic as well. Even my donkeys are chemical free to insure their compost will not harm my garden soil. I was told this would be impossible to accomplish in the humid TN climate.

The key is to plant the right plants and grow the right breeds for the climate, land and resources you have available.

Our experience with multiple breeds of livestock has helped us tremendously to determine what animals thrive here without tons of expensive and time-consuming input! Example: Cows would destroy our land because we don’t have the space or natural resources to support them but goats and donkeys have helped revive it.

Growing large amounts of vegetable varieties, trying different livestock to see with one is most helpful to our goals and keeping journal notes every year for last 12 years has paid off as well.

We have spent the years of experimenting with the best most time saving ways to grow vegetables , care for our more helpful livestock and ways to ‘close the loop’ to becoming more sustainable. 

The Blue Zone missing links

As I stated before, only growing food will not make you healthy. Real Health is more than that. My husband (the helpful husband on YT) has spent several years building trails through our old growth forest, creek bottoms and fields that are recovering from the preveous owners who had it timbered. 

We are creating spaces of relaxation to enjoy a good glass of wine, food and hikes with the donkeys. This is a HUGE part of our blue zone bubble. If you don’t create activities and spaces of enjoyment on a farm your mental health can suffer. Spaces where you can not think about all the work that needs to be done. Always feeling as though you need to leave your home to relax or enjoy life is not a healthly feeling. 

All these things and more help build our beyond biodynamic farm and our blue zone bubble. We have found that combining these things are essential to our health, relationship and and over all well being.

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