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   If you are a Meishan Pig breeder or if you are thinking about joining the effort to preserve the Meishan Pig you need the latest information on the Meishan Pig Breed. Sign up and get a free coupon for a discounted membership in the Livestock Conservancy.


  • Updates on the effort to save the Meishan Pig Breed in North America
  • Announcements concerning our  Meishan Pig breeding goals
  • Announcements about upcoming farrowings of Meishan Piglets
  • Lots of information concerning the care and feeding of the Meishan Pig breed
  • Links to the largest compilation of breed research on Meishan pigs
  • Pictures of our Meishan pigs, Meishan piglets, and videos about the breed

Whether you are a Meishan Pig Breeder or just thinking of becoming a Meishan Pig Breeder you need the latest information on the breed. Then we invite you to sign up for our Farm newsletter “Meishan Tales”. We won’t spam you or share/sell your email info and you can unsubscribe at any time

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