The Ultimate Keto Pork

The Ultimate Keto PorkThis is not your “new white meat”

Meishan Pork is red meat pork. It features complex flavors and a succulent tender texture that has made it renowned worldwide. If you are looking for lean dry flavorless pork this is not the right breed for you. If you are looking for what may be the best Keto Pork than look no farther than Meishan Pork

Meishan pork
Meishan Boston Butt Roast-Before


Meishan Meat
Same Meishan Boston Butt-After







 Meishan Pork has been the choice of Emperors for 5000 years

Meishan pork today is the ideal pork for the progressive pallet. Its ability to be pasture raised  makes it an ideal product for for new diet trends like Paleo and Keto. Its micro-marbled red meat means it is an ideal product to be used in Charceuterie. The rise of Charceuterie,or the curing of meats, has become one of the dominant foodie trends across the US and Europe.

Meishan Pig Meat
A beautiful Meishan Chop








Meishan Meat and Meishan Pigs fit the small landholder

The Chinese selectively bred Meishan Pigs to produce a docile ,prolific pig that produced large litters to benefit small landowners. This ancient strategy today fits the modern homestead or small pork producer. Meishan pork is a premium craft pork. This allows the small producer to deliver a superior product at a higher price. The large litters  of Meishan Piglets that the best Meishan genetics produce means that the small land holder can produce more piglets from fewer breeders.This is a cost savings to the homesteader.

Meishan Meat
Beautiful hams from Meishan genetics from Gods Blessing farm-Photo Courtesy of Jensen Reserve Farm








The best genetics and the best breeding program produces the best Meishan Pork

Gods Blessing Farms breeding program focuses on selecting for the most prolific litters, the best growth rate and the best structure for our Meishan Piglets.  This focus makes our genetics the clear choice if producing the best Meishan pork is part of your farm model.

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