Meishan Pig Pricing

What do Meishan Pigs CostOctober 15th 2018:

We are proud to announce that our spring breeding schedule has been set. You can request a copy our spring 2019 Meishan Piglet pricing and breeding profile.Find a complete  list of the boars and sows scheduled to be bred this spring.Review  their coefficients of inbreeding  (COI) .You can  also see the coefficients of inbreeding that their  Meishan Piglets will have.If you would like a copy just click here and submit a request. All will be A.M.B.A, Pedigreed stock from the most genetically diverse herd of Meishan Pigs outside of China. Just click on the image of Ming and Panda below to request your pricing

Meishan Pigs for Sale
Click on Ming and Panda For Spring Pricing