You cant raise what you have never heard of. Meishan Pigs have now been featured in 6 different national Publications and One national Webinar.

Meishan Pig articles and webinars bring awareness to the Meishan pig. The battle to save any heritage and endangered breed starts first with awareness. We started researching the breed in early 2014.  I was struck with a total lack of accurate information available. However in the past year or so there has been a groundswell of interest in the Meishan Pig  Breed. We were humbled to be mentioned in and have some small part in the development of these articles and webinars. We are thrilled that the breed continues to attract the attention of different media platforms as we, our partners and our customer strive to save and preserve this ancient breed. Click on the image of the article to read it.

Grit Magazine November /December 2019

Photo Compliments of Jensen Reserve

We are deeply grateful to Jeannette Beranger of the Livestock Conservancy for once again highlighting the Meishan breed .This time for its incredible flavor. This article in Nationaly recognized grit magazine delves into the incredible flavor of meishan pork and the reaction it is garnering from top chefs.

Click here to read the Grit Article

Small Farmers JournalVolume 42 June 2019



The folks at Small Farmers Journal (a national print and online magazine) recently requested we submit an article on the Meishan Breed. We were proud to be contributors to this great magazine for responsible smallholder farmers.

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Our 53 minute webinar on the Breed

 In 2018 we did a webinar for the Home Grown Food Network. “Preserving the Meishan Pig as a source of Premium Pork”-

 We are proud to be able to participate in the national webinar series hosted by Marjorie Wildcraft. . It was a bit Daunting to be on the speaker’s list with people like Joel Salatin and Mike Anderson. We hope you enjoy the presentation

Click here to see that video

Out Here  Magazine- The Official Magazine of Tractor Supply- Winter 2017:

  Read an article on the Meishan breed based on a visit to our farm by the Conservancy in the summer of 2017. Those lovely ladies in the picture are our very own USDA Xishi and Illinois Panda. Click here to read the article.

Meishan Ancient Pigs of China
Page 1
Page 2 meishans ancient pigs of china
Page 2 of Article

Countryside Magazine March April 2018-

Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal (a national magazine)  contacted us to help provide content for their spring 2018 “Pig Issue”. Once again all photos were of our herd. Click here to read it.

Saving The Meishan Pig


Livestock Conservancy declares Meishan as Critically Endangered Spring 2018:  

One of the most important milestones for the Meishan breed was its recognition as a critically endangered breed by the Livestock Conservancy. Again all the pictures of the Meishan pigs in the Conservancy announcement were of our pigs. Here you can see our own Illinois Pink Lady and Illinois Panda front and center. Click here to read more

Meishan Pigs Critically Endangered
Livestock Conservancy declares the Meishan Breed Critically Endangered


Farm Show Magazine Summer of 2018: 

We were a bit surprised when Farm Show Magazine contacted us to ask if we wanted extra copies of the issue with an article on our farm.The reason was we had not knowingly talked to anyone on the article. Based primarily on our rescue of the Meishan Pig Genetics. There are a  few minor inaccuracies in it but we have received tremendous feedback from this article.

Farm Show Magazine MeishanIssueMeishan Pig Article Farm Show magazine










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