silkie chicken hatching eggs

To get special colors, you’ll need to find some silkie chicken hatching eggs from a silkie breeder since most hatcheries do not breed every color of silkie.

Also you may prefer the quality of a small breeder over a hatchery. A small silkie breeder may breed for things a hatchery might not. Rare colors, calm temperaments, more eggs, beards and so on.

I breed my silkies with health in mind. I never breed a bird that continuously shows health issues. My silkies live in chicken tractors, not in pampered chicken villages where they never get their feet wet! Hardiness is a must. One line of silkie chickens I breed is a little larger. Not quite a standard fowl size but a little bigger than the typical bantam mostly seen in the USA.

The other lines are for good egg laying qualities, hardiness and calmness in confinement. Silkie chickens are the very best breed of chicken I’ve found happy to live in containment. To many predators here for free ranging so they get pasture grasses in the chicken tractors. It’s the best solution to keep them safe but also get the benefits of fresh grasses. It cuts way down on my chicken coop cleaning chores too!!!!

Where to find Silkie Chicken Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are going to be seasonal. The weather can’t be to hot or to cold. You’ll want to find someone that knows how to properly ship them too! Shipping is hard on eggs and you won’t get a 100% hatch rate. If they seller doesn’t know how to ship properly you won’t get any chicks.

You can do a search online and find silkie chicken breeders with websites and order direct. A really good option might be to check out ebay though! You also get to see reviews although sometimes I wish the buyer would wait to review after the chicks hatch. That way maybe you could see a pattern of a breeder with good fertile eggs!

Lots of rare color breeders on ebay! Be aware if you plan to show silkies, not all colors are acceptable for showing. I’m in it for the chicken not the show so that doesn’t matter to me but its something to consider if you think you might.

If you’re asking yourself why would you want to have silkie chickens on your homestead or backyard farm do read this article: Silkie Chickens Breeds {My Favorite Homestead Chicken Breed}