Farming with donkeys is a key to the success of organic gardening in Tennessee for us! Without them, I would have to bring in compost from other sources. If I buy compost from someone who fed their animals sprayed hay, it will kill my garden plants.

If I buy compost from someone who used a lot of chemical dewormers or antibiotics, it will harm the microbes in my soil and my plants won’t grow as well or be as nutritious. I garden to have healthier food. If I use the same crap on my garden commercial conventional farmers, use I’m not accomplishing my goal.

Farming with donkeys can mean a lot of different things for different people. Most commonly, people keep donkeys to help deter predators from at risk livestock. They are so much more useful than that, though!

Some people train their donkeys to work and help with farm chores. I do! They are the ultimate draft animal and won’t break the bank like horses!

They are also excellent to rotate after ruminants because they break the parasite cycles.

The organic compost they provide though is invaluable if you are a gardening with a sustainable organic mindset! My 5 donkeys can keep my gardens going all 4 seasons with extra to share (or sell!)

They are not like other livestock and not right for every farm or every person. Please do your research before jumping into donkeys! Donkeys are big. Even mini donkeys weigh alot. They are different needs than ruminants and they have training needs other farm animals don’t.

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Want some company on your hike here while you visit? You can book a hike with one of our donkeys to accompany you. You can also book a barnyard visit or hands on lesson. I can customize your donkey experience just let me know what you’re interested in. 

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