Our Mission

Sustainable farming was always our goal! For over 13 seasons God’s Blessing Farm LLC  in Niota Tennessee has been focused on truly self sufficient farming methods. There has also been an effort to find the best livestock animals for our natural resources and climate.

We were focused on Meishan Pigs and assembled the most genetically diverse herd of Meishan Pigs outside of China. It was a very profitable project but not in our long term farm goals. The herd to a farmer in GA in early 2020. We began an ambitious web-based training program for donkey owners that now has an international following.

There has been lots of focus on getting the most productive gardening methods and choosing the best varieties of vegetables for our region.

We chose the Nigerian Dwarf milk goat and the standard size silkie chicken for their efficient, low input production. Their ability to thrive on our lands natural resources is important.

But Why Donkeys?

Once a symbol of wealth and an animal of great utility, today the donkey is probably the most misunderstood equine species in the world. Neglected, or relegated to livestock guardian duty, many donkeys suffer from the lack of knowledge of their owners.  We have dedicated our farm to revealing the potential of these incredible animals through education and training specifically for donkeys and their owners. Whether as a companion animal, working animal or riding mount the intelligence, stable personalities and hardiness of a donkey make it the right choice for many people. We invite you to look into the resources we offer if you currently own or are considering adding a donkey to your farm.

We could not have the abundant gardens we have without the donkeys! They are also the source of joy and fun on our farm. Please see https://donkeylistener.com/

Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats Raised Naturally

Besides the fact that they have the best tasting goat milk, their ability to produce milk naturally and organically without grain is the reason we choose them. You can read more about rasing goats naturally here: https://holisticgoats.com/

Gardening in Tennessee and the Best Homestead chickens?

Search our farm website to find out more about our chickens, standard silkie hatching eggs, how we grow abundant 4 season gardens and more!


Meishan Breeding Stock at Gods Blessing Farm
Rico Silvera aka The Helpful Husband






Meishan Breeder Angelia Silvera
Angelia Silvera aka The Donkey Listener