breeding goats 101

This is Breeding Dairy Goats 101… an introduction to my goat site that’s all about goats, all the time!

Breeding goats isn’t hard but if you’re going to be in it for the long haul there are some things that will help.

Since this is a very goat specific topic I’m posting the complete article on my Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats site,

Not every homestead is right for goats. Goats aren’t right for every person. They can sure try your patience and you better have a sense of humor because you’ll need it. You don’t need goats or any other dairy source of livestock to grow a complete nutritional profile on your own farm. Organic raw goat milk sure makes food more interesting because you can do so much with it!

Dairy Goats Raised clean can provide one of the most nutrient dense foods you can add to your diet too. Again though, its not a must have for a complete diet.

Looking for an animal that can provide but may be easier for you to manage: Silkie Chickens Breeds {My Favorite Homestead Chicken Breed}

Having goats for meat and/or breeding dairy goats for milk has much in common. You must have goals and you must breed them. With all the talk of over saturation with dairy goats in most areas, you need a plan too.

Breeding Dairy Goats 101

You can click here for the article I wrote on my Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats site: Breeding Dairy Goats

breeding goats 101